25-12 Eurosonic

NTTN will play grunn/eurosonic on wednesday the 13th of january 2016. The Jack Daniels Barn is the place to be. it's an early show at 15 hours!

9-12 Tour video NTTN

There's a nice tour video of NTTN on youtube with their new song 'climbing fences' as the background track.

11-11 NTTN @ NFF 2015

NTTN will play a show at the Noordelijke Film Festival in Leeuwarden in two days.

28-10 NTTN Releaseparty video

The releaseparty of NTTN's new 12" at Vera Groningen was cool. A video of 'zero hours daylight' is now online. Made by the great Raging Roland.

12-10 Tour NTTN DE/CZ

Next week NTTN will be off to Germany and the Czech Republic. Yeah! The tour is called 'climbing fences'. Down here's a poster made by Kalle.



We've been doing shows in Winsum for quite some years now. It's time to focus on other things for a while. We regret it as well. So, no more shows... No more bookings... If you are already a friend you can aways contact us of course... Well anyway, come to celebrate this with us on 10-10!


Jaap's band North to the night is playing quite some shows coming weeks and most importantly: there is a new record out! Yes, a s/t 12" this time. If you want to have it drop us a line!








10-4-2015 Coming up! 1st of may: Vialka (FR) & Karoushi (Grunn)

They are coming by again. Vialka! Yes! In 2013 they did a great show at the synagog. Now we put the show up at an old gym! Very cool (we think). Jaap his band Karoushi is joining as well... Although this powertrio exists for quite some time they've never played Winsum before. So it's turbofolk vs postpunk/indierock. Bring you sporting pants and if you have sensitive ears: maybe some earplugs...

karoushi vialka

3-4-2015 Some pics of our most recent shows in Winsum...

kopfleuchtendan geesinsit in musicgarcia garcialoch lomondbonnie prince billy

31-1 New show coming up: 15th of march!

Sacha (you probably know him as the German maniac from the band Birdt) is coming around with his soloproject "Kopfleuchten". Check his new website for his new record. Music for films! And so is the music of the English filmmaker Dan Geesin who is doing the support this sunday. His last short movie won a 'Gouden Kalf' and we plan to show it as well. Something to look forward to!

18-1 End of shameless self-promotion... Some pics of North to the night


Through this link...

17-1-2015 Too positive?

Yes indeed: Too positive review of the North to the night show at: 3 voor 12

5-1 Interview with north to the night for Grunnsonic

Haha, some good remarks here (in Dutch...)

22-12 Nice impression of the north to the night show at Winterwelvaart

8-12 Sit in music & North to the night shows

Sit in music was great! Full house, wicked show in a totally dark synagog (thanks to lots of 'farmer' - plastics). We already miss those great Italians competing for the position of bouwvakker's favourite Italian!

Something else: Bouwvakker Jaap is playing with the north to the night collective at Winterwelvaart festival (20-12) and Grunnsonic 2015 (playing the Warhol on the 15th of january.

7-12 Karoushi show @ simplon (4 december)

Karoushi played a nice show at the simplon club @ Groningen. See some pics through this link.

15-11 Sit in Music on the 7th of december!

Fabio (from people from the mountains/ musica da cucina) is coming around again. This time with a crazy rockpuppettheater. Don't miss this people. Hot!!

20-10 Some Cpt. Badass pictures...

through this link

cpt badass

17-10 Cpt. Badass @ Asteriks Leeuwarden

Loch Lomond and Garcia Garcia were great last sunday! both bands played fantastic shows, on for the records...

Something else: on the 24th of october Cpt. Badass is playing a show again. Bram is joining as well on drums this time, good old times! Supporting the Bony King of Nowhere and Svava. Check Cpt. Badass at bandcamp. Yeah!

15-10 Loch Lomond & Garcia Garcia matinee show at the 2nd of november

Hi there. After a great show of Bonnie Prince Billy and Broeder Pieleman in september we now look forward to Loch Lomond coming around again. They did a houseshow at our place in 2012. Now Ritchie Young is coming around as a duo with Megan Mesloh. It's a matineeshow, starting at 14.30 hours on sunday 2 november at the synagog in Winsum. Expect clever folkpop with great arrangments. They recently contributed to the soundtrack of the movie 'the boxtrolls'. Garcia Garcia is from Groningen and is a band which we wanted to play Winsum for long. Melancholic folkrock with a shoegaze attitude. Yep, come around people but do not forget to make a reservation first...

Loch Lomond

20-9 Bonnie Prince Billy... sold out...

5-5 Karoushi @ Ondergronds Leeuwarden

This thursday (8-5) Bouwvakker Jaap his band Karoushi will do a basementshow in Leeuwarden together with the shaming lips (SW) and Fenn. Here's the poster! Come around!

5-5 Bonnie Prince Billy @ Winsum

On the 20th of september we will do a show for Bonnie Prince Billy and the Cairo Gang. You might know him. We love him. He isn't coming around to the north very often, this time he's heading for Winsum on his Royal Dutch Tour. We are glad to have him! He will play at the beautiful Obergumer Kerk, where we often do shows. Broeder Dieleman is supporting him. Yes! Ticketsale will start at the 12th of may, after Bouwfest #3. Because the show won't be amplified tickets are limited! Here's a link to how it may sound...

25-4 Bouwfest #3 sold out!

In two days... all tickets are gone. Sorry for that, actually we are happy about the response! You can get a place on the list in case some one returns their seats...

23-4 Bouwfest #3 coming up: the 10th of may!

We are proud of the line-up this year. A smaller set-up. Less tickets to sell, 60 in total. it is: 6 bands, 4 venues, an exhibition, ecological food, 15 euros. Yeah!

6-4 New videos of North to the Night online

N to the N did some shows in ORKZ and Vera and now going to play Eindhoven (Burgers) and Leiden (Qbus). Here are some new videos (at Singsingstudios Metslawier:

1-2-2014 North to the Night & Stems (UK) in the synagog

North to the Night will do a serie of gigs, this is the first in line. Together with the great bands Stems. They play postrock with violin, viola and guitar. Very sweet!

North to the night

1-1 Movie North to the Night door Martijn Weltevreden: I Lied to get Elected

Bouwvakker Jaap has got a new project going on: North to the Night. Expect epic noise/ postrock with a bunch of wild dudes on stage. Something close to Reflectcritizeact, but even better... There are even some artist doing visuals! Check their facebook all the other news: https://www.facebook.com/northtothenight

4 -6 Cody from Denmark


Coming up: 6 october: Cody, catchy popfolk from Denmark! Check it out! http://codyfromdenmark.com

3- 6 First video of Bouwfest #2 on youtube

Bouwfest #2 was a total blast. So many great bands playing all the right things at the right spots. We loved it and you must have loved it as well. Thanks for all the enthousiastic responses, mails and cards. Now we certainly know we are doing something right! More pictures online soon...

30-4 BOUWFEST #2 coming up! MAY 18 !

poster bouwfest2

Hey. we will put up a festival this year too. A bit bigger: 5 concerplaces, 7 bands and more internationals acts than last year. Beside that Miss Stoffelsma (Aukje Kookt) will prepare an organic meal for the hungry ones (all of us!!)

Confirmed bands:

Atlantic Cable: sleazy alternative rock'n roll from the Chech Republic, sounds like they record their stuff in a cave.

The Flamenco Thief: Inventive guitar tapper from the UK bringing flamenco music in his own way.

Dramali: This year back with Maroccian female vocalist and classical instruments in the mix! Damn we are curious!

Swinder: Hipsters from Groningen singing potential hitsongs in their dialect.

Andrea Rottin: Crazy Italian singer/songwriter, just crazy!

Mountainbirds: intimate pop, recently described as the best known secret from Groningen.

Diff: Country/ folk rock in the vein of Johnny Cash hailing from Leeuwarden, Friesland. Their style resembles to Sexton Creeps, in a way.

70 tickets sold, 30 seats left...

16-2 Great show!!

Wow, Vialka and Annemarieke really pulled it off! Great songs, good vibe. We loved it!

Annemarieke Coenders @ the syagog

Vialka @ the synagog

1-2 The 9nth of February: Vialka (FR) and Annemarieke Coenders

Poster Vialka

Yeah, something new coming up. A long cherished idea coming to life. Vialka is coming around. We saw this French band in 2009 on the festival of Bob Corn in San Martino Spino and we were amazed. Good musicians, crazy music and a performance to enjoy. Since then we hoped our paths would cross once again and now is the time! On the way back home to France, coming from Scandinavia they'll navigate to Winsum. Or the train is doing so. Vialka is a constantly touring band (toured actually almost the whole world). Expect turbofolk with the best female drumming you've ever seen. The great Annemarieke Coenders (from Grunn) will also perform with Wim Sebo on percussion. You might know her from Ygdrassil. Since 2007 she is performing her own songs. And in a great way! New record out to present to us. Still some tickets left (not much actually!) See you!

1-1-2012 a good 2013!

Bouwvakker wishes you all the best for 2013. Lots of good music of course! Looking back at 2012 we can conclude it was a nice year with our latest release (our son Ike) topping the bill. But we also had some great shows by Loch Lomond, all bands at the bouwvakker festival and more recently a terrific evening with Birdt and Cpt. Badass at the synagog. Man, bands always perform at their best when doing a gig in Winsum.

Birdt @ synagog Winsum

17-11-2012 Birdt & Cpt. Badass

click to enlarge

Coming up, a repeater on saturday the 17th of november. In june 2011 Bird (from Eindhoven) came to our village to play with Cpt. Badass in the Synagog. It was a tropical warm evening drowned in emotions. So, Bird has changed to Birdt now, played quite some shows in the Groningen area and returns to Winsum with a new record "Place for one day".

They'll bring along some very interesting guest musicians. Cpt. Badass will play new songs as well, this time Jaap en John as a duo. See the info on the index of this site (www.bouwvakker.org) or mai to: jaapolthof@hotmail dot com.

By the way Vialka (france) is coming to Winsum in the beginning of february. A dream we cherish for a while. We saw them in Italy once and are very excited to have them here. Expect experimental female drumming and varied world/jazz music in an ever spinning coctailmixer.

9-6-2012 Wow, what a festival!

The bouwvakkerfestival was a big success! A lot of enthousiasm from all sides, bands, audience, volunteers. This is something to be continued! All bands played good shows and the weather reall helped out as well. Some footage was made by Roland & Willem.

check: some more videos here!. Down here a nice picture of Green Pony by Bardt.

25-3-2012 Bouwvakker festival coming up!


May the 26th we will do a small, cosy festival in Winsum. The first festival we do ever, something we've been dreaming of for some time now. We have a great line up: Wolvon, Green Pony, Tranquis, Oldseed, Moi Le voisin, Dramali

The idea is quite simple actually: 1 evening, 4 places, 6 bands, 10 euro, 100 people.

The shows will be located at the church in Obergum, the synagog, youthstage de Pluu and a barn at the oosterstraat.

More info to come soon!

Down here you can view a great video of Loch Lomond @ Winsum made Roland!

20-2-2012 LOCH LOMOND!

We had the US band Loch Lomond to stayover for a surprise show on a monday evening. A filledl living room and great show of Loch Lomond was the result, something we will remember for a long time. Sweet people, sexy music. Loch Lomond rules. Check em out! For example this video down here:


25-10-2011 Bob Corn & Sexton Creeps @ Synagoge in Winsum

At the 5th of November there will be a show in Winsum again. This the charming Bob Corn is coming by again as well as Sexton Creeps which is a collective from Groningen doing a variety of stuff. Down here you can view the poster (guess which recordcover inspired us in the design of this poster)

17-7-2011 Karoushi Open studio Groningen and album

We played a good show at the nice open studio happening. see website, click here.

Our new mini album is almost finished. It will be titled Ants and Alligators, just like the song... In september we will release it at a show downstage @ Vera Groningen(10-9).

3-7-2011 First show for Karoushi

... in a long time with Yannis de Griek on guitar and backing vocals. Ah, we loved to play again, at the festival Pleinpop @ Bedum. Great sound, we played our first set of songs together. Yeah! Expect more very soon (in two weeks at the Open studio day @ Groningen!)

24 -06 -2011 Bird (eindhoven) and Cpt. Badass at the synagoge in Winsum.


We looooooove Bird. It's so cool that they do a show at our place. Lately the music grew on us, their latest 10" Arjenballet is a great piece, buy it!

The show was so great! Both bands played a very good set and Bird really blew away all of us. Sold out show, lots of nice feedback. Great audio available (Recorded by Albert) of the Bird show, video on a DVD available from both bands through Willem Kroon - Kroon Video. A friday evening which will stay with us for a long time. Hell yeah! View poster to the left. Picture down here.

13-05-2011 Lepelshow for Cpt. Badass; first show with John

Cpt. Badass is doing a show with 'We love people in bearsuits' and 'Woods on fire'. Without our new drummer Bram (because he's too busy with his other band Sexton Creeps.

03 - 2011 New bandmembers Cpt. Badass and progression for Karoushi.

John Hekert (Green Pony) joined in and does some very cool slideguitar and Bram (Sexton Creeps) is doing some great drumming. It's turning things inside the band and its music. Great experience!

Karoushi is getting ready to rock soon!! In june we will record new songs!!!

27- 01 -2011 Lopend vuur vodcast Cpt. Badass

In January we will perform a live streaming show for Lopend Vuur (Vodcast) at the USVA. You can watch the interviews and songs still through this link:

cpt. badass @ lopend vuur

Video streaming by Ustream

14- 01 2011 MESTA and PORT OF CALL


Wow what a line- up, what a show! Both bands were very great and intense @ the livingroom of Albert and Sandra in Winsum. We loved it, love to Bora, Senka and Pieter. Nice atmosphere, cosy evening. View the poster at the left.

Picture by Roland Kok

01 2011 All comes together in January.


We have performed on the Eurosonic (see pictures down here) festival in Groningen, did a radioshow for OOG FORUM (it is possible to listen to this, still, at http://www.oogtv.nl/uitzending-gemist of click here and search for thursday the 13th of january: oog forum LIVE op Eurosonic/ Noorderslag uur 2) and did a boat show for the Winterwelvaart festival (in december)..

Pictures by Marij Kloosterhof

11 - 2010 Cpt. Badass shows in Leiden / Noordwijk

We did a couple of shows this autumn, not too much. Jaap did some solo shows as well, for example in Leiden and Noordwijk with Port of call (great guy, check him out). In Leiden a good quality video was shot. It is on youtube, you can watch it through this link:

Cpt. Badass solo in Leiden doing 'fangs'

09 -2010 Great shows Cpt. Badass

We had some great shows lately. Thanks to all who came to our shows, talked to us and bought our cd. The coming shows we will focus on being more quiet and perform as a duo (Jaap & Ellen).

06 - 2010 Recordings Cpt. Badass


Cpt. Badass have recorded five songs at the singsing studios. The songs will be released as a cd called "voices of serpents" this summer to be presented at several shows (Noorderzon - Groningen, Vera - Groningen, Op e Sjouwer - Joure, Incubate - Tilburg).

11-05-2010 The Hand & Ichi @ Winsum


The 16th of May, this sunday, we have booked a show for Ichi (japan) and The Hand (UK) in Winsum. We've rented the Obergumer Church again! So, a great ambience for great music. We really love Ichi and The Hand. We've got to know them last year at the Musica nelle Valli Festival in Italy. Uma and Hannah also really enjoy their music. Ichi is a multi-instrumentalist who makes experimental pop, jazz whatever stuff just by himself. The Hand makes dreamy folk with authentic and ethnic instruments. We especially love them for their vocal power!


Afterwards there will be a gardenparty for the acquinted and alikes with the first full sound performance of Jaap's new band Cpt. Badass. Everybody should bring along some great vegetarian food because it will be a DIY barbeque as well!

10-05-2010 Updating bouwvakker.org

Long time since we wrote anything and we have doubted whether it's useful to keep up this website. We will! And therefore we are going to update a lot of things here. Please be patient with us;-)

1- 05-2010 Some pictures of the first show by Cpt. Badass. See also our logo here, to the left. An embroided deer...

Cpt. Badass is Jaap's new band. Cpt. Badass follows up Music for the defect.

05-10-2009 Bad news...


A while since I posted anything down here. MFTD went on after Marco left and was replaced by Thijs (Karoushi) on drums since this summer. Which actually works out pretty well. We did a great gig at Noorderzon at the Hamradio container. All good stuff but here's some bad news... I am going to quit MFTD since I feel that this ain't working for me in this way anymore. Our last shows will be at the 10th and the 18th of october 2009. A pity, after so many years of fun and hard work. Anyone who knows me a bit also knows I will continue making music. But for now: Last show MFTD at the prinsenhof, martinikerkhof 23 in Groningen. Together with the lovely Francesca Comaneci from Ravenna, Italy. See does warm stuff sounding like mazzy star and the likes. At this final show we will also present our music video for "let this tension flow", done by Roeland Dijksterhuis & Bouke Mekel. Thanx to them for their blood, sweat & tears! Ok, the poster is to the left here.

Take care,

Bouwvakker Jaap

17-06-2009 Pushing the margins & back from Italy tour

Lots of news here. Don't know where to start actually...
Music for the defect finished their recordings. It turned out to be a fine mix mainly of warm accoustic sounds. We called it "pushing the margins" and the cd contains 7 new songs. See artwork up here. Moniek did the photograph on the front-cover, the picture was shot during the first take of our video of let this tension flow (which isn't ready yet) . We are thinking of doing a cd release-party somewhere in Groningen after summer. We'll let you know... (sale 5 euro's)

We just returned home from a nice tour in Italy visiting especially the upper regions of Italy with Rome as an exception. The first show was at Tizio's (Bob Corn) festival (musica nelle valli). A very great festival. All great bands playing there! Just have been there two of three days but the variety and quality of the programmed bands was amazing! Just to pass you some names to listen to: Vialka, Jealousy party, Ichy, the Hand, My bubba and mi, Comaneci etc etc etc.
Well just study the poster! For some tour experiences and more mftd news visit our BLOG!

Take care,

Jaap/ mftd

1-4-2009 Let this tension flow

Winter is over, time to let all stress flow.
We did and finished the final takes for the video for "Let this tension flow". It's in the process of editing and montage now. More video's of music for the defect in live 'action' our now on our myspace. The pilot show for "Psychodelic Birtday Party' is now finished and released. We did two songs in the TV show, "Grip" and "Emergency Call", still with Dorien on vocals.



It's time to get out on the road. We will do that in the end of may, heading to Italy for the first show on Tizio's festival @ San Martino Spino on sunday the 31st of May (see http://concertifooltribe.blogspot.com/) and then for a small tour through Italy.

Before that we will do some new recordings, probably so we can bring along a new cd again.
We'll keep you updated.

Take care.


Our good friend and great songwriter Bob Corn is coming to the Netherlands again. We will do a show for him in our cosy village, Winsum, close to Groningen. This will take place in the beautiful Obergum church at a sundagafternoon on the 22th of february, starting at 14 pm, costs: 5 euro.

Beside Bob Corn, Merinde from Arnhem will also play (great songs ala An Pierle, Scout Niblett etc) and Jaap with some parts of Music for the defect. If you want to attend this special show, mail us (jaapolthof@hotmail.com) to reserve a seat or call (telephone number is on the poster beside here. Click poster to view larger

Hope to see you there.

Take care, Jaap & Birte

29-12-2008 MFTD and Karoushi news update

Hey folks.

Some news about Music for the defect, some about Karoushi.


Music for the defect did a recording session for VPRO dwars last spring. They recently broadcasted some of the material in a MFTD special with interview. The interview (in dutch) itself isn't that interesting in my opinion, the recordings are done live. It's possible to listen to it through this link: MFTD dwars session

We also did some TV-recordings for a new critical, underground musicprogram called: Psychodelic Birthday Party. This is the child of SingSing studioboss Milan Ciric. It's a collaboration with the Friesland College. Several bands do live performances in the studio while the music is directly recorded and the performance is filmed. Imagine a musicshow somewhere between the intimacy of "2 meter sessies" and the diversity of Jools Holland. The idea is to shoot a good music program with fresh bands bringing something that wouldn't be catched up in the mainstream slick and money minded media. Anyway, there's a promo now, also on our myspace. More info is on their website: psychodelic birthday party

We are going to make a music video for the song "Let this tension flow" in januari 2009. We got lots of great ideas for that! The video will be done by Roeland Dijksterhuis and Bouke Mekel which are both experienced and skilled filmmakers/ directors.

In February we will probably do some shows in the Netherlands with our Italian friend Bob Corn. We are also invited to play at his "Nelle Valli Festival" @ San Martino Spino in may.

Nelle Valli festival @ San Martino Spino

Other names are the great "Callers" (check them out if you havent' yet) and Zu (all-time favourite Italian Jazznoise). More news about this soon. In may we will play some more gigs in Italie, dates will be posted here in the future months.

Karoushi did some great shows this year and we will continue with that in 2009. First show on the list: 16th of january at the Eurosonic Festival @ cafe Buckshot in Groningen. WE WILL START PLAYING @ 22.00 hours! That's in capital letters for all the people who tend to be late... We are doing new recordings, six songs, hoping to finish it somewhere in january.

Take care,

Bouwvakker Jaap




A lot of things happen and it's hard to follow everything. Nice shows, a lot of pics on different sites, video's etc. I am trying to gather good stuff on the MFTD myspace . Beside that I started a blog (yep, getting high tech!) to tell things once in a while. More often than writing news down here. The blog is easier to write and update. It seems websites are losing the battle of prefixed sites such as myspace, youtube, flickr, blogspot etc... Anyway, the blogadres is:


See you there maybe, this site will be continued as well..


Mftd had a great time playing at the greenhouse and at the ZWZX festival. Thanx for the enthousiastic response. And a big thanx to the WOTNXTclan for believing in us. They also put us on the bill with Damien Jurado at the 2nd of november at the Qbus in Leiden. We are looking forward to iit. Other bands playing that evening; Tiny Vipers (US) and Long Conversations (Leiden).


So what's up. Our latest recordings are now available as a 8 cm cdr called "SLECHTS TRILLENDE LUCHT". We are quite pleased with it. Check our myspace to listen to "let this tension flow". There are also so video's to watch made by Marcel WOTNXT.

23-08-2008 Upcoming shows:

Music for the defect:

29-08-2008 At the Noorderzon festival 22.30 at the Ham Radio Container, solo performance by Jaap Olthof. Info about the acts here, on the schedule here

20-09-2008 Live at the Greenhouse in Noordwijk with Bob Corn

21-09-2008 At ZWZX festival in Tilburg, V39

02-11-2008 With Damien Jurado, Leiden

Karoushi show:

19-09-2008 with Sheik Anorak (great stuff by Frank of Socrates, Sons of Saturn) at the Bar en Boos in Leiden

22-08-2008 New recordings Music for the defect: "Slechts trillende lucht"

Mftd has recorded four new songs at the great sing sing studios. One song; "Let this tension flow" is now on our myspace.

21-08-2008 MFTD VPRO Studio Session online

You can now listen to a MFTD session at VPRO dwars music online. Check it out here


Old news.

We are busy moving our site to a new host. Soon the site will be online again. We lost all old news of last years in the process. But why should we need old news anyway?

Down here the information on the Music for the defect tour.

Check Music for the defect out at a show in:

11.04 Nijmegen (nl) @ de onderbroek (with Bob Corn)
13.04 utrecht (nl) @ db's (with Bob Corn, library tapes, Leo's Sunrise)
14.04 groningen (nl) @ huiskamershow at the old radio Noord building, martinikerkhof (with Bob Corn, Thoughts Create the world)
15.04 amsterdam (nl) @ vpro dwars radio show &
15.04 leiden (nl) @ sub 071 (with Bob Corn)

Together with Bob Corn