MFTD photgraphed by Marij Kloosterhof


Music for the defect have recorded a couple of albums throughout the years, namely:

2009: Pushing the margins

2008 Slechts trillende lucht

2007 This scene is dead water

2007 Tropical Fish EP


2006 Tales for the hungry ones


(there's more on youtube...)

Music video for "Let this tension flow" 2009, shot by Roeland Dijksterhuis and Bouke Mekel

MFTD @ Psychodelic Birthday Party playing "grip" (2008)

MFTD @ Psychodelic Birthday Party playing "emergency call" (2008)





music for the defect


Music for the defect was a band for some years between 2005 and 2009.

In 2005 Music for the defect started out as Jaap his home-recording project. Then Hanz and Rachel joined in. Music for the defect makes melodical sing/song writer music inspired by bands like Pedro the lion, Black Heart Procession and Songs Ohia. The recordings for Tales for the Hungry ones were done at the bouwvakker house and Hanz his drums were recorded at the viaduct. "tales for the hungry ones" are MFTD's first recordings. Nine songs about honesty and pain. 

After that Jaap choose to move the focus from studioproject to liveband. Therefore he tried tot find the right people. Before the band did first MFTD show these people have played in the band and left again:

Maarten - piano
Fiona - violin
Kyle - double bass

The first show was in Leons at the Tsjinlud project. This was just Eelco and Jaap. On the 18th of january 2007 MFTD played their first show in full setting in Theater de Bres (Leeuwarden). The line-up then was:

Marco - drums,
Wouter - bass,
Bernou - backing vocals,
Eelco - guitar,
Fenna - cello,
Jaap - vocals and guitar

After that they did some more shows with the Tsinlud project. The band started to perform more and Wouter, Eelco and Bernou left the band. Dorien did the vocals and Romke played bass. In this period MFTD recorded a full length album "this scene is dead water" (2007) from which the "Tropical Fish EP" was taken and in 2008 they recorded "slechts trillende lucht". Shows and some tours were done as well as a radio performance for VPRO dwars in 2008 and a television recording for Psychodelic Birthday Party. Beside that tracks were used for compilations (e.g. Gonzo magazine and Groverpop) This line-up has been a steady one until Dorien left the band in 2008.

She was replaced by Moniek who als did piano. MFTD moved on, did shows, festivals and a tour in Italy. A music video was made for the song "let this tension flow" and in spring 2009 they recorded a six track album called "Pushing the margins".

After that Thijs replaced Marco on drums and they did some great shows. Their last show was with Comeneci (Italy) in their hometown Groningen.

This is what the last line up looked like then.

Thys - drums,
Romke - bass,
Moniek - piano and vocals,
Fenna - cello,
Jaap - vocals and guitar

Music for the defect played with great bands and musicians, such as; Damien Jurado, Bob Corn, Callers, Tiny Vipers, This Leo Sunrise and Comeneci.

Thanks to everyone who believed in our songs.

You can listen to some of our songs on myspace.com/musicforthedefect